nice to have you here on my blog. My name is Berkan Sezer and I hope that you enjoy some of my thoughts. I’ve worked in the past for some international companies in Europe and would like to share with you my learnings. I like the idea of sharing knowledge and thoughts to come at the end of the day to a better result than one person maybe could do without any input from outside.

So please feel free to make comments, to let me know your point of view, your experiences and of course let me know if there’s a topic you would like to read in one of my next blogs. And if you have experience in some topics you would like to share with us, so please sign up and let us know!

Important notes:
Some figures or statements in this blog may be wrong, though I’m looking forward to provide you best information I can. So be aware that also I can make mistakes. Use the knowledge you find on this blog completely at your own risc!

If any statements, figures in my articles harm any copyrights, persons and/or laws, so please let me know before you bring an action against me. My intention whithin this blog is not harm any persons, laws or copyrights. I’m happy to correct mistakes and/or wrong statements immediatley rather than getting penalty fees.

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