Usage of credits cards in Germany

Working for some international companies in the past years it was always amazing which thoughts those companies had about the usage of credit cards in Germany. So if you are working for a company which is thinking about to enter in the German market this article may be helpfull for you…

If you want to sell give your customers the chance to pay!

If you ever wanted to know how you can the conversion of your shopping cart by up to 400% so this one could be very interesting for you. Check this out how offering different payment methods to your customers in Germany can significantly improove your conversion.

I love this book – a must have for marketers

If you ever looked for a book where you can find easily explained the figures for your daily marketing improvements, so this is the book you always looked for. I love this book, because it’s explaining every formula with easy examples and shows how to use those formulas in daily business.

Why this Blog?

Learn from the others! Working for some international companies in the past which made the step in the german market I made a lot of experience of dos and donts. In my daily business I see so many chances for optimisations that I’m wondering why nobody had the idea to bundle those things. Most of them are obvious and that’s what this blog is for. To bundle obvious things and make life easier. Of course you will find tons of know-how even figures if available on this blog also, so grab a glass of your favourite drink, lean back and enjoy this stuff! But you can be for sure that this blog will not show any informations which are company confidential I worked for. I just will rely on figures which are public!